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We center our services around a digital and sustainable future, with an emphasis on saving both clients' time and investment costs.


Linvelo oversees three areas: strategic and operational consulting, software and IT product development, and digital sales with performance marketing. We center our services around a digital and sustainable future, with an emphasis on saving both clients' time and investment costs.


+75 experts and professionals bring customer-driven value and create digital products that are true to the core principles of sustainability, dynamics, partnership, and innovation.


Oleksandr Kotsyuba, Thorsten Niemeyer, and Matthias Lohaus created Linvelo with a focus on digitalization, innovation, and sustainability.

Why choose Us

A Decade of Expertise

Since 2012, we've supported businesses in designing, developing, and operating software products, emphasizing SAAS solutions.

Proven Track Record

Our 100+ projects span consumer applications and enterprise solutions, meeting industry standards every step of the way.

Dedicated Team

With 70+ senior and mid-level developers, we use a structured development approach to achieve desired outcomes

We develop

on principles of Sustainability, Innovation, Dynamics, and Partnership

Our vision

is to be at the forefront of driving businesses into a digital future

Our mission

is a united launch into a digital and sustainable future

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Partnership with Linvelo means choosing a partner committed to improving your business with innovative, customized digital solutions. We bring extensive knowledge and expertise, having empowered over 100 companies to reach their digital transformation goals, developing user-focused applications, and initiating strategic processes that deliver genuine, substantial outcomes. Whether it's sophisticated product development, insightful consulting, or cutting-edge AI and ML implementations, we are here to guide you at every step of your digital journey.

Matthias Lohaus

Co-Founder / Head of Consulting


Matthias Lohaus

Co-Founder / Head of Consulting

Oleksandr Kotsyuba

Co-Founder / CEO

Eduard Stach

AI Team Linvelo

Thorsten Niemeyer

AI Team Linvelo

Holger Klus

Consultant, Software/System Architect

Ferhat Asi

PR & B2G expert

Katharina Krüger

Office Community Manager and Photographer

Juri Grygorovych

SAP Developer

Valerii Petrianyk

Product Manager / Product Owner @Explain Pitch

Ilona Shyshkina

Business Development Manager

Mariia Tsekhanovska

Project Manager / Co-Founder @SpeechNinjas

Vadym Tsekhanovskyi

Product Manager / Co-Founder @SpeechNinjas

Oleksandr Ternovyi

Product Manager

Anastasiia Kashuba

Creative Project Manager

Vladyslav Rybak

Software Developer

Yana Kalinska

Marketing Data Analytics Specialist

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Maria Krüger

Head of partners engagement

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