Digital Sales

Selling has transitioned from traditional face-to-face methods to a more dynamic online approach. Digital Sales leverages the power of data analytics and targeted marketing to capture and nurture leads, converting prospects into loyal customers.

Why Use Digital Sales?

Targeted Outreach

Pinpoint and engage your ideal customer base using refined digital techniques, ensuring better ROI on your marketing spend.

Data-Driven Decisions

Digital platforms offer robust analytics, allowing businesses to understand customer behavior and refine their sales strategies.

Cost-Efficient Marketing

Targeted online advertising can lead to higher conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.


Digital sales platforms can handle a surge in customer traffic, allowing businesses to grow without linearly increasing costs.

Types of Digital Sales

B2B Digital Sales

Focusing on businesses as primary customers, using platforms like LinkedIn for lead generation and sales.

Social Media Sales

Leveraging popular social platforms to drive sales through ads, influencer partnerships, and shoppable posts.

Online Retail Platforms

Selling on major digital marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and regional e-commerce hubs.

Direct Email Sales

Engaging potential leads through targeted email campaigns, nurturing them from initial interest to final purchase.

Industries We Serve

  • Energie und Versorgungsunternehmen
  • Landwirtschaftliche Innovationen
  • Industrielle Maschinen
  • Institutionen des öffentlichen Sektors
  • Anbieter von Gesundheitsleistungen
  • Non-Profit-Organisationen
  • Ihre Branche

Our Case Studies

More case studies

Web Development


Deepeo offers a user-friendly data management system. It serves as a thorough tool, executing housekeeping tasks across numerous databases, managing data deletion per the company’s data retention policies, and aiding companies in maintaining data compliance with the applicable GDPR laws based on the company and data subject’s location.

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Mobile and Web development

Speech Expert

Speech Expert specializes in advanced speech recognition technology, primarily for medical professionals and the education sector. It offers On-Premise Transcribing Software for transcribing sensitive data with utmost accuracy and confidentiality.

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Product Development


HintSuite is the safest place for anonymous whistleblowers. It facilitates open communication within companies, allowing employees, suppliers, and even customers to report violations anonymously. With the obligatory Whistleblowing Directive, there was a noticeable demand for a digital solution that surpassed outdated methods like emails and hotlines, ensuring more security and GDPR compliance.

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Product Development

Vertriebler 24/7

Sales24/7 specializes in delivering sales-optimized landing pages. By working closely with clients, Sales24/7 provides solutions that boost sales. The emphasis on sales-driven landing pages aims to promote conversion rates by delivering a clear message that resonates with the target audience.

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Mobile and Web Development

Face Club

FaceClub is a membership club. Since 2019, we have been offering a unique space that focuses on the needs and interests of members, where the emphasis is on mutual support.

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Mobile Development


The KidsDoc app is designed for new parents who seek reliable, pediatric information to guide them through the crucial early years of their child's life. This subscription-based mobile app provides a serene and informative environment, offering content curated by the esteemed pediatrician Dr. Vitor Gathino alongside a team of childcare experts, ensuring parents receive the best guidance available.

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