Linvelo supports medium-sized businesses with innovative digital solutions while ensuring consistent success that withstands the test of time.

Fueling your Digital Journey

Linvelo oversees strategic and operational consulting, software and IT product development, and digital sales with performance marketing.


senior and mid-level software developers


successfully executed customer projects since 2012

Web Development

Building web platforms designed for optimal user experience, scalability, and security.

Mobile Development

Designing and deploying mobile applications tailored to specific business needs, ensuring seamless performance across various devices.

Product Development

Turning ideas into tangible products, from initial concept to final release, ensuring they align with market demands.

Strategic Consulting

Providing informed guidance on leveraging technology for business growth, helping clients navigate the digital landscape.

Operational Consulting

Offering insights on streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and optimizing operations using the latest digital tools.

Digital Sales

Harnessing online platforms and tools to drive sales, increase brand visibility, and enhance customer engagement.

Minimum Viable Product

Developing a functional product prototype with the core features to test market viability and gather user feedback.

Market Entry

Assisting businesses in introducing their digital products or services to the German market, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

Machine Learning & AI

Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to enhance data-driven decision-making and automate processes.


Creating immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences, unlocking new possibilities in interaction and visualization for businesses.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Developing intelligent, connected solutions that enable seamless interaction between devices, optimizing efficiency, and providing new business opportunities.

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