Linvelo specializes in enabling digital proficiency and sustainability within medium-sized companies. We are currently seeking a proficient Copywriter to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate has the ability to simplify complex technical subjects, produce content that is informative and engaging, and enrich our target audience’s understanding of digital and IT-related topics. If you are passionate about clear and effective communication and have a clear understanding of the digital landscape, we welcome you to apply.

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Berlin, Germany


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  • Proven experience writing content related to digitalization, IT, and programming languages.
  • Exceptional writing, editing, and research skills.
  • Ability to adapt writing style to suit different target audiences and platforms.

What we offer you

  • A dynamic and inclusive working environment where your creativity and insights are valued.
  • Opportunity to work on diverse projects, shaping the narrative of digital transformation and sustainability.
  • Competitive salary, flexible working hours, and an opportunity to make an impact in a growing sector.

What you will be working on

  • Creating compelling PR material and online content.
  • Developing SEO-optimized blog articles to enhance our online presence.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure consistency and accuracy of content.

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Maria Krüger

Head of partners engagement

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