EuroMinds: Economy of Tomorrow

Maria Krüger

Hamburg, Germany

30 June - 1 July 2022

The EuroMinds economic summit brings together business, politics, science, and media in one place and invites people to discuss German-European topics. At an exclusive conference, opinion leaders, business experts, and media representatives discuss current issues and create solutions for a tomorrow worth living. Therefore, EuroMinds is an important meeting point for decision-makers committed to a powerful and sustainable European economy. It offers an excellent opportunity to make new contacts, build networks, and develop solutions for the future.

More than 40 experts, decision-makers, and opinion leaders from business, politics, science, media, and culture will have their say in nine panels, including the SPD federal chairman Lars Klingbeil and the first mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City Peter Tschentscher. The message from Congress is that the current problems are big but not insoluble.

The strength of the EuroMinds economic summit is that it looks at future issues from many perspectives and brings together people with different professional backgrounds who work together to develop solutions to current problems.

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