Health Valley Event: Transition in Healthcare

Maria Krüger

Nijmegen-North, Netherlands

30 March 2023

Health Valley Event (HVE) on March 30, 2023, in Pathé Nijmegen is the most progressive healthcare innovation event in the Netherlands and also the meeting place for everyone involved in innovations, business, and science in the Life Sciences and Health sector. In recent years, the event attracted around a thousand visitors annually, live on location, online, or in a hybrid format.

Healthcare is changing, and we all notice that. There are opportunities that we must seize today to improve tomorrow’s healthcare. At the Health Valley Event 2023, we zoom in deeper on affordable and accessible care of today and tomorrow, supported by technological innovations.

In one day, update yourself on the latest trends and developments after unique networking opportunities and inspiration to continue building together.

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Maria Krüger

Head of partners engagement

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