Eurominds: New Opportunities for Europe

Maria Krüger

Hamburg, Germany

29 - 30 June, 2023

The Bucerius Law School is gearing up to host the Eurominds economic summit in Hamburg under the auspices of Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics.

Delegates from business, the political sphere, academia, and the media will come together under the motto “New Opportunities for Europe” to discuss German-European economic issues. The agenda features keynotes, panel discussions, forums, and workshops with plenty of networking opportunities.

The summit aims to come up with ideas for a more improved and liveable future. Key issues include an independent energy supply, climate protection, mobility transition, financial resilience, green money, and digital transformation. Talks were centered around how Germany’s and Europe’s economies could emerge stronger from the crisis and find a balance between the common good and individualism.

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