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FaceClub is a membership club. Since 2019, we have been offering a unique space that focuses on the needs and interests of members, where the emphasis is on mutual support.
At FaceClub, you will find a network of like-minded people, visionary thinkers, and doers who are ready to achieve great things together. Your FaceClub membership opens the door to endless possibilities. As a FaceClub member, you gain exclusive access to first-class events. Experience unique opportunities, inspiring meetings, and high-profile events that will take your network and career to a whole new level.


We needed to create a Mobile App and a Web App where people from business and various entrepreneurs could arrange meetings, attend events, and support each other in their work and projects.
Exclusive events, a Network of 11,000 members, Online events, Secrets of success, Best speakers, and seminars—all had to be integrated into one application for easy and fast use.


We developed intuitive software with UX/UI design and much more. The application operates on both iOS and Android platforms.


We made it possible for over 11,000 selected FaceClub members to communicate with each other. They can collaborate on significant projects, find partners, investors, and offer mutual support.

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Product Development


HintSuite is the safest place for anonymous whistleblowers. It facilitates open communication within companies, allowing employees, suppliers, and even customers to report violations anonymously. With the obligatory Whistleblowing Directive, there was a noticeable demand for a digital solution that surpassed outdated methods like emails and hotlines, ensuring more security and GDPR compliance.

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Web Development & Digital Sales

Hilfe Ukraine

Hilfe Ukraine, formed by the Ukrainian community in northern Germany, aimed to create a support system during the conflict. From information dissemination and humanitarian aid to managing demonstrations and coordinating medical care, their initiatives encompassed a broad and essential spectrum of activities, all tied together with the singular aim of providing unwavering support to soldiers and compatriots alike.

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Mobile Development

Digital Gears

Digital Gears developed an MVP product: a web app to simplify Smart City collaboration with local governments. As a comprehensive platform, it encourages quick reports about local issues, enables business registration in 30 minutes, and acts as a bridge between professionals and local governments. It’s an innovative solution working on multiple fronts, from simplifying the company registration process, addressing business challenges...

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Mobile and Web development

Speech Expert

Speech Expert specializes in advanced speech recognition technology, primarily for medical professionals and the education sector. It offers On-Premise Transcribing Software for transcribing sensitive data with utmost accuracy and confidentiality.

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Product Development

Explain Pitch

Explain Pitch delivers high-quality 2D and 3D explainer videos, specializing in advanced motion design and visual effects. The company wanted to expand its presence in the DACH region. They were in need of a new website with a responsive mobile version, a brand identity from scratch, and additional digital sales and marketing strategies.

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Mobile Development


The KidsDoc app is designed for new parents who seek reliable, pediatric information to guide them through the crucial early years of their child's life. This subscription-based mobile app provides a serene and informative environment, offering content curated by the esteemed pediatrician Dr. Vitor Gathino alongside a team of childcare experts, ensuring parents receive the best guidance available.

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