Technical Support in Custom Developments for SAP Logistics Execution






Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer

Custom Development for SAP Logistics Execution

Client & Product

The client is a large agricultural machinery manufacturer that exports technology and innovations worldwide. The product is a calculator for internal use by the company’s employees, which would solve the problem of financially calculating the benefits of different products on the market and presenting the result to their potential customers. For example, compare the costs of harvesting wheat or fodder using competitors’ machinery versus Krone machinery.


It was necessary to create a calculator that would be easy to use, with the ability to add several products for comparison and get the result in the form of a price per bale. Additional functionality was an extended view of the calculator, which should be easy to switch, allowing you to enter extra values and get extended results to compare which product is more financially profitable for sale.


The solution involved dividing the calculator into two main pages: data entry and results. The data entry page was segmented into three sections, each corresponding to different crop harvesting technologies. We introduced switchers for activating specific calculation technologies and designed each section to display an intermediate result based on the input data. A dynamic summary result at the bottom of the page updates in real time with any data changes. For comparative analysis, we added a feature to include multiple products. In this mode, the input fields are transformed into a tabular format, facilitating straightforward comparison between product values.


The final product is an efficient tool enabling Krone’s team to swiftly demonstrate the financial advantages of their machinery during customer interactions. This tool not only aids in refining the sales approach but also solidifies Krone’s market position by quantitatively showcasing the cost benefits of their products, aligning perfectly with their marketing and sales strategies.

Implemented Features

Technical Support in Custom Developments for SAP Logistics Execution


Krone, a leader in agricultural machinery manufacturing, was grappling with various logistical challenges. Their operations demanded a simplified approach to optimize supply chain management and enhance data visibility to bolster overall efficiency.


Responding to these needs, our team delivered customized SAP Logistics Execution solutions. This approach involved custom developments and dedicated technical support tailored to Krone’s requirements. By implementing innovative tools, we were able to refine logistics planning, execution, and monitoring processes, ensuring a more integrated and efficient operation.


The implementation of these solutions marked a turning point for Krone. There was a significant enhancement in supply chain visibility and a notable increase in operational efficiency. Our custom developments enabled more streamlined processes, better resource utilization, and cost reduction. The outcome was an improved logistical framework with more data-driven and informed decision-making processes for Krone.

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